Reaching Up is simply embracing are vital to embracing a community of believers. When we embrace each other, when we connect with one another, we know that someone cares — and no one walks alone. 

The term "Sunday School" is a rather traditional term, but these "classes" are actually small groups that come together Sunday mornings to connect with one other. Whether it is through a Scripture lesson, the sharing of one's story, or during a coffee social -- our small groups provides a sense community and belonging that could be the most important part of your week.

Below is a list of our adult small groups. Feel free to visit any group -- just stop by. We would love to have you with us.

  • Disciples Class is Bible study and devotional group that is open to all ages (couples and singles). The Disciples class offers a casual, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere where everyone connects through the teachings of Christ – whether by scripture, study guides, a testimonial, or group sharing. It is the perfect way to start your week. Come join us.
  • Pairs and Spares
  • Agape Bible Class is a mixed age and gender class. Weekly scripture based-lessons come from The Adult Bible Studies from Cokesbury. The class openly shares discussion based on the scriptures and insight from our curriculum. We welcome anyone who would like to join us.
  • Christianity 101 is a small, intimate study group of varying ages - both men and women. Our main focus is developing and/or strengthening our Christian walk to a stronger relationship with Christ. We work through the series of books – such as 'Companions In Christ' and 'The Way of Transforming Discipleship'. During our study time, we laugh, we cry, and occasionally even break out in song. (Sometimes all in one day!) We always take a deeper understanding of God's word with us when we leave.
  • Covenant Disciple
  • Leith Stinson