You can view the Facebook live services here.  Contemporary service at 9:00 am and Traditional Service at 11:00 am Sundays.

September 22, 2020

Dear Stallings Church Family,

I am excited to announce we have reached a decision to begin the process of reopening our Indoor Worship Services.  I say, “process” as we want to do this in a reasonable and responsible fashion; ensuring the greatest amount of safety we can.  This is, to be sure, not without some very real risk factors.  Yet, we feel it is time to take a step toward re-engaging our church!

Here is the plan.  On October 4th, we will hold 3 services in our main sanctuary at 9:00am, 10:00am and 11:00am.  It is World Communion Sunday, and we will ask you to register for one of the times.

Register here, and please make note of how many individuals will be attending in your family:

We want to keep it to 40 people maximum per service to ensure we can socially distance.  (Note: this minimum per service is for this Sunday ONLY!) There will be several key protocols we will need to ask you to comply with such as temperature readings as you enter the building through the Fellowship Hall Lobby, masks are required, you can sit with your family – but have six feet between the next family, and you will either exit out the narthex and down the stairs or the side door wheelchair ramp to exit the building.  We will then sanitize the Sanctuary for the next service.

Following this service, we will hold meetings to discuss how this went, readjust, rethink, reevaluate and reengineer as needed.  We will hold the last Outdoor Service on October 18th.  This will give us time to get teams trained, buy any equipment needed, and make sure the word of our reopening plans gets communicated well.

On November 1st, we will begin our regular schedule of 2 services. The 9:00am Contemporary Bridge Service will be in the Fellowship Hall and 11:00 Traditional Service in the Sanctuary.  After much thought, we feel we cannot comfortably begin indoor Sunday School classes, Nursery nor Children’s Ministry at this time.  Please note that we will be livestreaming both services for any that do not feel comfortable gathering indoors.  That will be a new, ongoing ministry of Stallings UMC from now on.  We will have protocols for each service, and we would ask that you do your very best to comply, for the safety and peace of mind for all concerned.

A New Normal

It is of great importance to me that you understand a dynamic of who we are, from this day forward.  In the past, before this awful virus struck, “church” had become a place where you came in, sat in your usual seat, and walked out an hour later; to repeat this again the following Sunday.  I need to stress that this is not Biblical.  Biblical worship is not just spectating, but actively participating.  We will need much help from volunteers to actively do all that is needed during these COVID-19 times.  We will need teams of ushers, people to take temperatures, man doors to ensure no one enters as we clean. We’ll need volunteers to help sanitize the facilities, bathrooms, lobby areas, narthex, pew, tables and chairs. We will need Worship Leaders, Scripture readers and people to provide special music.  My point is….PLEASE KNOW WE GET TO BE THE CHURCH NOW MORE THAN EVER BEFORE!!  You are an amazing church and I know we can do this together. Thank you for your patience, understanding and your loyalty.  It means more than you know!

Looking so forward to seeing you again in Worship!  If you have any questions, please call the church office.

Blessings and peace to you,

Pastor Scott